Wazzup Jimmy!

image_1009715013So today I came across an opinion article by Jimmy Carter, President of the U.S. a bit before I was born. Admittedly, I really don’t know much about Pres Carter, other than he is a nice looking older man, that probably would be a cool grandfather. Hey, blame my lack of info on the fact I spent 12 years home-teached. But after this article, I’m a Carter fan.

See Jimmy (can I call him Jimmy) has been a good Christian for his whole life, but he recently found he couldn’t stay quiet about how people are using religion to discriminate against women. Now for 50% of the population, the girls in da house, we all just did a collective “duh!” But unless you’ve gotten hit with the short stick of discrimination you just don’t really have a clue. I’d never pretend to know what ethnic minorities go through in the U.S. but I have empathy. I’m not sure Pres Carter can ever know what it feels like when you stand up for yourself at work and the guys all say, woah is she PMS-ing? NO, I’m standing up for myself dick-face. Tangent. My apologies.  I love that Pres Carter, though not having personally felt the sting of discrimination, has EMPATHY and is standing up against injustice.

But Jimmy takes it past just empathy and he addresses the religious systems that have so long perpetuated the idea that women are inferior.  Women are the reason for sin, or so says the religious community. That kind of thinking makes me laugh. So simplistic and stupid! Had I been in that garden with Adam and the tree, I probably would have chucked the apple at Adams head and wondered where the beer tree was at. Don’t be blaming me for Eve’s choice. And unless she pile-drove Adam to the ground, and shoved the apple down his throat, I think the man needs to own-up his responsibility in this garden fiasco. But knowing dudes, he probably heard Eve say… “<giggle> you are naked.” And call the story over. If someone in the room is naked, then the man wants to be too.

Back to Jimmy… I just have to say that his title is what really caught me… “Losing My Religion For Equality.” Truth be told, equality is the number one reason I cannot be a part of the faith community anymore. Because religion, even the really cool hip ones, has something or someone that they discriminate against; ladies, gays, tattoos, coffee… seriously the list is asinine and long. The day I had to go through basic Christianity classes because I was a lady and they had to check my theology, or the time I was told I couldn’t be a youth pastor because I was a girl, or when I found out my roommate (the kindest person on the planet) was gay and thus going to hell… well all that discrimination, all that inferior-ness, I couldn’t do it anymore. Cause I happened to be one of the few people in my Bible classes that didn’t break the rules. That studied hard. But I wasn’t good enough. I happened to work my ass off in my job, but I was a girl and was told I should be home having babies. And my friend, well the whole world tells her all the things she isn’t, and won’t be, and never will have because of course, she loves a woman and not a man.

Jimmy and his friends stand behind this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on grounds of religion or tradition, as if it were prescribed by a Higher Authority, is unacceptable.”

I’m going to ruffle some feathers here. But seriously discrimination of any kind, towards any group, based on a religion or tradition as if it were prescribed by a Higher Authority, is completely unacceptable in my oh so humble opinion.

If you want to check out Pres Jimmy’s opinion post here is the link….



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