(picture found at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_606w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2012/07/19/Food/Images/food038_1342728780.jpg)

So one of the best parts of Steve and I living together is that the house came with a brother. Some sort of two-fer deal… date one boy, get another one for free. But this extra boy is a lot of fun.  He is willing to watch Smash, Greys Anatomy, and other fun shows with me, when Steve just disappears to do more manly things.

This week Bobby, the house brother, and I decided that we would start juicing every night. We want to get healthy and I have a juicer. So the match was perfect. Bobby has been awesome at remembering to make it every day thus far, and cleaning up after. Which is probably why I didn’t juice… I don’t like to clean up after

Last night I thought I would reciprocate and be the juicer for the night. I looked up recipes before I left work, stopped at Whole Foods for some organic veggies and fruit, and was ready 15 minutes before he came home to have the most amazing juice waiting for him when he got home.

Granted all week we have been having beet, carrot, apple, pear juice. So I thought my new recipe would switch things up a bit. I mix up my awesome juice and take a swig. IT BURNS. Really burns as it hits your tongue and travels down the stomach. I, of course, start laughing my head off. And desperately attempt to save the juice by adding more sweet ingredients… carrot, apple… now it just sweetly burns as it goes down. It is also green. And smells like dirt. I cannot stop laughing.

Bobby comes home to me nervously laughing. It takes him like five minutes to work up the nerve to drink the glass. Guess what… apparently I’m the only one who thinks ginger burns when you drink it. He did say the smell was pretty nasty, but the taste wasn’t so bad.

I farted little green farts dusts the rest of the night. I’m pretty sure Steve is still shaking his head and wondering what he got himself in to!

(picture from…http://www.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_606w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2012/07/19/Food/Images/food038_1342728780.jpg)


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