my summer bucket list

beachbucketThe end of summer is kind of like a death. Anyone who lives in a snowy cold climate knows what I am talking about. Winter lasts forever with it’s cold, snow, and clouded sky. When summer arrives, it is new life! Sun, warmth, and oh so many activities to do that there never seems to be enough time.

This summer I have things I want to do. And since I am craving the warmth of sun rays on this rainy day, I am going to make my list. So before summer kicks the bucket I want to…

  1. Go to one Utah location that I’ve never been too… Zions, Arches… doesn’t matter
  2. Play bocce ball in the lawn
  3. Plant my first veggie garden and have at least one thing grow and be edible
  4. Do an outdoor workout class… Tai Chi, yoga in the park, or swim aerobics
  5. Get a bike and take a long trip
  6. Run a 5k
  7. Get tattoo #3
  8. Go to outdoor concert in the park or Red Butte
  9. Climb a big Utah mountain peak
  10. Watch fireworks with Steve on the 4th
  11. Ambush Steve and Bobby with water guns some night after work
  12. Drive the Mini with the windows down
  13. Learn something new
  14. Practice yoga and meditation
  15. Volunteer with Steve
  16. Backyard camp and campfires
  17. Keep juicing with Bobby but find some summer drinks
  18. Go on a roadtrip
  19. Use my Southwest ticket to go somewhere fun
  20. Hit up the farmers market in SLC
  21. Read in the shade or at starbucks every weekend
  22. Surprise picnic with Steve
  23. Go to as many Kiley, Jax, Aaron, Katie events as possible
  24. Take more pictures (maybe get a camera)
  25. Go on an adventure
  26. Spend time with Mickey and Noah
  27. Get better at climbing and maybe do an outdoor climb
  28. Get my health back
  29. Call Mel every month, AT LEAST
  30. Make plans to spend time with Micah
  31. Hit up a drop-in hockey
  32. Finish a deep book
  33. Have a happy 33rd birthday



2 thoughts on “my summer bucket list

  1. Hooray! I made it to the list! Unless…there is another Melissa I need to take down!

    I need to come live with you because I want to do ALL of those activities.

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